STICKY WALL II Jumping Castle

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Sticky Wall Jumping Castles NEW Front shot

This is the updated model of the Sticky Wall from America. NEW in Australia.

(Many sticky wall sized suits to fit - 10yrs to Adult, if your 6 foot 4" we still have a suit for you.)

Put on your STICKY WALL suit on and get ready to jump onto the back wall.  On this sticky wall choose your preferred position, either upside down, sideways, frontward, backward, and then just have fun. This jumping castle suits ages 10 and up. We have 4 different sized sticky wall suits to accommodate different ages and sizes. Ideal for your corporate events, church events, or back yard parties. 



This castle is a must for your teenage party, 18th, 21st, 30th or 40th. Get your sticky wall suit on and take your biggest jump at the back wall!  It has a very high back wall so give it your best shot. Lots of fun for all! 

Castle Dimensions:
Length:6.5m Width: 3.85m Height: 4.6m
Area Required:7.5m(L) x 4.8m(W) x 4.8m(H)
4 Hrs - $275
7 Hrs - $295
Overnight - $325
SUPERVISION per Hr if required: - $40
Sunday: - $55
                    		Sticky Wall entrance step3
entrance step
                    		Sticky Wall person horizontal to wall3
person horizontal to wall
                    		Sticky Wall Front view of castle resized3
Front view of castle resized
                    		Sticky Wall person back to wall distant shot3
person back to wall distant shot
                    		Sticky Wall person sideways on wall resized3
person sideways on wall resized
                    		Sticky Wall person stuck upside down resized3
person stuck upside down resized
                    		Sticky Wall3
                    		Sticky Wall person running to wall3
person running to wall
                    		Sticky Wall Suits Example3
Suits Example
                    		Sticky Wall person back to wall resized3
person back to wall resized
                    		Sticky Wall person front plant to wall3
person front plant to wall

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