Bouncy Castle In Brisbane

Make Your Next Party Physically Intense with a Bouncy Castle in Brisbane

If you’re on a diet, then you probably dread birthday parties. They are filled with cake, candy, and other fattening foods and usually a good bit of lounging around. This can set you back days in your fitness routine and really add to your calorie total. Instead of hosting a party that hurts everyone’s health, why not make your next party physically intense? You can do this by ordering a bouncy castle in Brisbane. We have many different activities that will give you and your guests a great workout while you’re having fun. There’s no reason your kids should be lethargic on their birthday. Give them something active to do that they can also enjoy, and you will have a party hit on your hands. Besides all the physical fun, we even take care of the set up and clean up. All you have to do is call to get access to a number of physically intense activities that will have you and your guests sweating.

You Can Get Jump the Calories Away with a Bouncy Castle for Hire In Brisbane
Jumping is a great cardiovascular workout. So imagine turning on some great music and dancing and jumping the night away in a bouncy castle. It’s so much fun, you won’t want to stop until your muscles start burning. We have bouncy castles for kids and adults, so everyone can play. You can even get more physical fun by ordering a combo. Our 5 in 1 combo will test your physical endurance with the bouncy castle, a large slide, a log obstacle course, a pop-up obstacle course, and even a basketball hoop. Your guests are sure to find more than one activity they enjoy participating in.

Use Competitive and Fun Sports to Burn Some More Fat
To really shed some weight without even realising it, try including some competitive sports. You’ll have to add some weight with one of our sumo suits in Brisbane in order to take weight off. Try to knock your friends out of the ring in one of our hilarious suits. You don’t need to stop with a sumo suit for hire in Brisbane though. We also offer a gladiator ring, a bungee run, a sticky wall, and even bouncy boxing. By the time you’re finished with all of these activities, your body won’t be able to move. Your guests have never gotten such a great and fun workout at a party before.

Keep Your Treats Low Carb but Satisfying
To top it all off, you’ll want to plan a healthy but satisfying menu. Make sure to keep the carbs low and the protein high so everyone will be able to replenish their energy. We even offer a slushy machine which is a great low calories treat. They can pick their favourite flavour and cool off with the refreshing ice treat. Then, when the party is done and you simply can’t lift a finger, we’ll clean it all up and pack it out!

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