Jumping Castles Party in Brisbane

Give Your Jumping Castles Party in Brisbane a Theme

The next time you throw your child a party; don’t limit yourself to birthday cake and soda. You can make your party stand out by including jumping castles and a great theme. Just pick your child’s favourite theme and let the people at Jumping Castles in Brisbane do the rest. They will deliver your party on time, set everything up for you, and clean it all up when the party is over. You don’t need to hunt all over town to find all the themed pieces to go with your party either. They will bring everything to you and it only takes you one phone call to make it happen. It will be the easiest party you have ever thrown. Without lifting a finger, you can let your guest’s imaginations run wild by choosing one of many available themes.

Scooby Doo Ghost Hunt
If your kid loves the classic cartoon Scooby Doo, then they would probably enjoy a Scooby Doo themed party. You can hire Jumping Castles out in Ipswich to bring you the whole 5 in 1 combo. Your kids can bounce through the haunted castle looking for ghosts. Then, they can scare themselves silly as they try to get through the pop-up obstacles. They’ll have to crawl and jump over the log obstacles to get away from the goblins and throw some basketballs at the scary face on the hoop. Finally, they can all escape to safety down the large slide where they can pull the mask off that pesky ghost you’ve created for them. They’ll have so much fun; they’ll probably want to do it again.

Dora the Explorer Adventure
If your child is the adventurous type, he or she might enjoy a Dora the Explorer themed party. If you live in Redlands, Jumping Castles can make your adventure party even better with their 5 in 1 Dora the Explorer Combo. They can bounce around in their jungle castle, search for bugs under the log obstacles, take pictures of interesting creatures in the pop-up obstacles, and fly home down the large slide. If they still have energy, they can play some basketball with the explorer hoop. Each part of their adventure will be so fun, they’ll likely spend hours in each spot before moving on to the next one.

Cars Race
If you decide to hire Jumping Castles for your Redlands party, you can please your car crazy kids with a Cars themed party. By ordering the 5 in 1 Cars Combo, your kids will have fun racing through the activities. They can see who can bounce the highest in the castle, who can race the fastest through the log and pop-up obstacles, and who can zoom down the large slide. They can even play some basketball when they’re finished racing through the party course. After they’re finished refuelling with some party food, they’ll probably be ready to start the race again. When it’s all finished, the clean-up crew will take care of everything, so you can retire your little racers for the day. And this is just a few of the many themes you can choose from when you hire Jumping Castles in Brisbane, Ipswich, or the Redlands.

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