Jumping Castle Carnival

Raise Money for Your School with a Jumping Castle Carnival

Is your school cutting back on fun activities due to budget cuts? Do you need money for a field trip, a dance, or something else? Why not host a carnival to raise money for your school? You can get a jumping castle for hire in Ipswich, plus a lot more. Then, simply advertise your event and charge a modest admission price. By the time the carnival is over, you’re sure to have enough money to finally have that educational or enriching activity you’ve been hoping for. There’s no reason to simply give up on all the things that make school fun. Instead, create your own event that will bring in money and offer fun at the same time.

Bounce Around in a Jumping Castle Bounce Party
There are quite a few jumping castle themes you can hire in Redlands. Your students might enjoy a Batman theme or maybe a Scooby Doo theme. Let your school DJ drop some beats and even high schoolers are sure to enjoy bouncing to the rhythms as they try to pull off awesome dance moves mid-jump. If you buy a castle that comes with a 5 in 1 combo, they’ll also be able to enjoy a pop-up and log obstacle course, a basketball hoop, and a large slide. This way, there’s something for everyone. If you’re going to charge an admission fee, you want your students and guests to be entertained with as many activities as possible, so the combo is recommended.

Pit Students Against Teachers in the Gladiator Ring
Students are likely to pay extra for the chance to take on their favourite teachers. They might even want a chance at the principal. When your school gets jumping castles for hire in Brisbane, you will also be able to choose activities like the gladiator ring, sumo suits, and bouncy boxing. Students will cheer for their peers as they take out the Science teacher. Teachers will cheer for their colleagues as they take out the class clown. Students will also likely enjoy taking some swipes at their friends in some friendly competitive matches. These events always gather a crowd and are sure to please.

Sell Carnival Snacks like Slushies
When your school decides to have a party with a jumping castle in Brisbane, you’re going to want to include refreshments. You could sell popcorn, ice cream bars, and even cotton candy. If you take care of the food, we can bring a slushy machine to wash it all down. After the sweat your guests are bound to work up at all the activities, they’ll be lining up at the slushy machine, making your school even more money with every purchase. The best part of all of this is, when the carnival is over, we’ll clean everything up and take it away. Your school has likely never hosted an easier event. Just give us a call and let us know what day to bring our gear and we’ll have everything set up and ready to go in time for the first wave of paying guests. Then, your school can afford whatever field trip or dance you hoped to have.

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