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Hire a commercial grade Pop Corn Machine just like the movie, but at your house.   Looks great as in the picture.  Can sit this pop corn machine on your kitchen bench or table, or an outside sturdy table in the party area. Kids love pop corn and you won't have to ask them twice.  Comes complete with small pop corn bags, servings of popping corn, popcorn salt & popcorn oil (enough ingredients to make your ordered 50,100,200 or 300 serve packages).   Free delivery with any jumping castle hired.

Castle Dimensions:
560mm x 417mm x 770mm high
Area needed 600mm x 500mm x 1000m
50 serves - $75
100 serves - $100
200 Serves - $150
300 Serves - $175
SUPERVISION per Hr if required: - $40
Sunday: - $55
                    		red and stainless steel paragon popcorn machines 1116810 64 1000 edit
Pop Corn Machine
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Pop Corn Bags
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Pop Corn gallore
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Pop Corn Machines
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Pop Corn Bags
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Pop Corn Machine on table

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  • Operating for over 16 years
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Castle Hire top FAQs

  • You always get the amount of time that you paid for
  • Party times that finish after 6pm are considered as an overnight booking.
  • For PARK bookings, check to see if the park has power, if not we can hire you a generator
  • No food lolly wrappers, confetti or streamers are allowed in the castle.