NEW Potato Swirl Cutter & 12L Deep Fryer

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Potato Swirls

NEW to our products is the Spiral Potato cutter & Fryer that will allow you to look professional like at the markets. They look great and taste amazing!  Our potato swirl cutter will be a hit at your next party or corporate event.  Comes with instructions on how to create the perfect spiral potatos.  The deep fryer is portable and and can be placed on any kitchen bench or solid table.  It needs a standard power point by itself - ask our friendly staff on these details.   Comes with 50 sticks for the spiral potatoes to go on.  More sticks can be ordered on request.  Cooking oil, Chicken Salt and potatoes to be supplied by customer.

Base Price - $100
SUPERVISION per Hr if required: - $40
Sunday: - $55
                    		Potato Swirl cutter1
Potato Swirl Cutter
                    		45 01
Portable Deep Fryer for Potato Swirls
                    		images 5
Potato Swirls cooked
                    		Potato Swirl cutter
Example only how the unit works - Spiral Potato Cutter hire
                    		45 03
Deep Fryer with lid to cook Potato Swirls
                    		images 6
Jaws to hold potato in the potato swirl cutter
                    		Potato Spirals cooked by Brisbane Jumping Castles4
Potato Swirls ready to eat
                    		images 12
2nd blade makes curly fries like this using the potato cutter
Potato swirls like at the markets
                    		Potal Spiral Cutter Deep Fryer setup3
Potato Spiral Cutter and Deep Fryer on tables

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